The Value Of Teaching

Teaching is a divine profession. It is a profession that can inspire to aspire one’s happiness and success. Every teacher has a role in each student’s development. An article titled “understanding a teacher’s long-term impact” suggests that fostering skills such as self-regulation does more to improve student’s future outcomes than simply helping students improve their test scores. Let us evaluate this view.

Many of us may remember the teachers who made an impact on us. And that impact was often positive. Students remember less about what their instructor taught them and more about how the teacher helped them personally. The benefits of a teacher’s instruction and life advice does not end at the conclusion of an academic term, instead it may persist throughout the pupil’s life. Essential life skills, such as soft skills and managing finances can be cultivated by a teacher or a group of teachers. Students that receive extra guidance in these areas are more likely to have good attendance and less likely to drop out.

Some teach influences may not be immediately observable but will have a long-term effect. Promoting their social and most importantly emotional wellbeing results significant advantages. Improvements therein drive improvements in health, economics, education, employment, social commitment, and family etc.

The results of research demonstrate that most of the time the skills that are valuable for future success are not usually measured on tests. Yet, teachers are measured by an objective metric, students’ standardized testing scores. Evaluating a teacher just simply based on test scores alone will narrow our perspective and bring unnecessary pressure on both students and teachers. Instead it is better to look for a bigger picture.

Research suggest that “We actually learn in a state of positive emotion much more effectively than we can learn in a state of negative emotion. That has huge implications for what we do in schools.” Great teachers make their students feel safe, confident and stay patient with their students. Highly quality teachers also indirectly help students see the value of education and the importance of staying enrolled and completing their education. Helping students feel that they belong in the classroom contributes to their success

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