Virtual Productivity

Working efficiently can be hard to achieve these days. Many professionals were initially taken aback about virtual work experience - but is it really that intimidating? “Could the future of work experience be virtual?” explored this concept in a Get News publication.

A 21-year-old fashion art design student pursued a remote work experience placement. Let’s review her experience and the elements of virtual work that lead to her success. For Mia, our designer, the experience was a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the traditional face-to-face design shop experience. She found that working in our own space decreases distractions and help us to realise how self-sufficient we can be. The lack of immediately available managerial support drove Mia to muddle through difficult tasks and find solutions to problems she was not familiar with. This not only improved her problem-solving skills but also boosted her professional confidence. It helped Mia press forward with her work with less fear of failure.

Success in a remote working environment requires that legendary skill, time management. Setting aside a specific location to perform your studies/work is typically an important element of time management. Because when a professional is in the designated spot for the work, he/she tends to focus and work. In addition to identifying a location specific for work, setting aside a specific block of time also creates a dynamic where professionals focus on their work. Same spot, same time, every day during the work week.

Companies are finding that remote work has been beneficial in enhancing global standards and promoting inclusiveness through virtual collaboration. Without the boundary of physical location, collaboration has increased across geographies due to videoconference technologies.

Virtual work, for many professions might seem to be out of ordinary, but in these unusual times the extraordinary has become the standard. And for those who can muddle through change and uncertainty, they will come out further ahead in the end

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