Universities Setting Student Expectations

So, what will schooling be like this semester? Most people prefer routines, and everyone has fixed elements in their lifestyles. And while humans resist changes when they occur, the changes later become the new normal. What are we to expect at our universities? Perhaps a report presented in “U.S news titled “The college experience this fall: what to expect” can shed some light on college life this semester.

At the outbreak of the pandemic in Spring 20120, colleges closed campuses and moved their remainder of spring semesters online. With Fall 2020 upon us many colleges are welcoming their students back to campuses even with the pandemic still spreading. Yet, the college experience will not be the same as before.

Orientation may be reduced in size, virtual, and/or extended. Yes, orientations are standard and important part of the college experience, as its first step for most student’s college experience. Many colleges will conduct orientation it in small groups with social distancing measures, while others are embracing solely the virtual format. Zoom, Google meet and other video conferencing platforms are widely used to conduct Q&A sessions live or recorded. Whichever methods used, the goal is to provide adequate proper orientation to boost the student’s confidence and simple give them the information necessary so that they can get into the swing of things.

Who is allowed on campus varies? Not every college plan on letting students get in-person attendance. While some colleges prioritize on freshmen others have prioritized graduating seniors. Whichever category students belong it is important to give them the rights resources to succeed.

Traditional academic calendars may be revised. Rethinking of the academic calendars is a global phenomenon. With virus still spreading colleges are considering providing in person attendance through Thanksgiving and then the remainder of the schedule will be online. Anyways it is almost assured that all solution will end up as some form of blended learning.

Protective equipment may become mandatory. Some other changes include mandatory requirements, such as use of face masks, face shields, gloves, sanitizer etc… Also, many colleges may find some non-traditional ways to use spaces available in campuses to reduce population density and ensure safety.

Physical barriers and restrictions on residence availability will also expected. Dining hall experiences may be also altered as an effort to reduce potential spread of the pathogen. Services may be reduced and grab-and-go may become the norm. These restrictions create obstacles for the students and appear nominal taken individually but amass to material distractions when taken as a whole.

Finding a job may be more difficult. As on-campus recruiter will be curtailed, and off campus students might find it difficult as many service industry jobs filled by students are down due to the pandemic.

Pandemic alterations list goes on from testing to altering college sports experience. A lot of the restrictions may be added to code of conduct in written forms. Also limited number of spectators for college sports may be also accompanied by rescheduling or even cancelling of some sports.

In short, the more carefree atmosphere of the past college experience looks a lot different now. Hallways with covered faces or classrooms that look an awful lot like our folks living room will be the new normal. Ultimately, more learning may take the place of the socializing elements of the college experience that will suffer due to the pandemic.

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