Overcoming Remote Learning Limitations

The younger generation is addicted to mobile phones and electronics!! At least, that is the claim of older generations. That scenario may not be true when it comes to virtual classrooms and education. Students find it hard to focus and pay attention to online classes. How can students discipline themselves to pay attention in an online environment? According to an article titled “3 ways to get kids to tune in and pay attention when schools go virtual” the following three steps will yield results. Let us review.

1. Go Out Of Your Way To Build Relationships.
With the face-to-face classroom atmosphere temporarily restricted, students need to find creative ways to develop relationships. The online environment still provides opportunities to build relationships. Teachers can encourage more interactive classrooms and drive student engagement. Institutions can establish virtual study rooms and online discussion boards and create opportunities to spend non instructional time with other peers.

Students need to play their part in such a scenario. Rather than limit interaction with others to classroom settings, students can reduce the distance between themselves mentally, if not physically. Soft skills that are nurtured via social life will not be lost in this virtual era.

2. Stress The Relevance Of What Students Are Learning.
Not all topics appear on their surface to be appealing and relevant to many students. General knowledge and principles, whether they be mathematics, philosophical, or structural are often seen as unnecessary by technically focused students. This is one of the major problems many with current student mindsets. These barriers can be broken down by explicit examples of how the principles being imparted can be translated into managerial or technical application in the future.

3. Establish New Routines
Routines help people to be efficient and organized. The first step in establishing a routine is to set goals that are reasonable and meaningful. Having something to achieve and focus brings a routine and determination that helps student and professionals succeed. To support effective implementation of a routine, students need to stay organized and stick to their schedules.

A combination of new routines and a positive mind-set helps students to stay focused during instable and uncertain times. Life and situations will have challenges and muddling through them is part of the fun.

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