Are your existing programs on par with International Standards, but you lack the resources to introduce new programs? Are you looking for Structure, Content, and Expertise to support the launch of new programs?

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We have the materials, programmatic process, and resources to help you introduce new diploma and certificate programs for your students. We have extensive syllabus, course materials, certification programs and professional credentials touching almost every segment of the professional life from pre-primary education to technology and healthcare, to name a few.

If you are desirous about making that difference in the academic world and want to reshape the professional career programs with the expertise and credentials from the American Board of Education, take the first step in registering with us as an Authorized Educational Partner (AEP).


An Institutional Evaluation Officer will be in touch with you to advise the steps involved in the qualifying process to become an Authorized Educational Partner (AEP) of the American Board of Education (ABE).

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