Our certification programs are not just for the brightest of the world but also for those learners that are willing to put efforts to make their dream a reality by following a Structured Learning Plan!

American Board of Education (ABE) maintains a rigorous curriculum and sophisticated qualitative and analytical methods to measure the student’s learning outcome, yet the certification process is quite simple.

First step to the certification process is self-evaluation to find out which professional designation meets your interests and career aspirations. Once you decide your professional track, you need to get trained on all aspects of the subject, which can be achieved by a self-study using the e-learning materials including links to approved institutes available on the ABE website. We highly recommend getting connected with an ABE approved institute and complete the course requirements to prepare yourself and experience the quality of our certification programs.

The certification process and your professional journey is simplified as outlined below:


Browse through the Certification Tracks and identify your interests.


Find the Institute that offer your desired Certification Program.


Send inquiry to the identified Institute to sign up for the program.


Register with the Institute and complete the program coursework.


Attend the online certification exam in approved exam centers.


Get Certified to include ABE professional designation to your name!


Manage your profile on ABE website and share with the recruiters.


Utilize ABE’s career resources for job interview preparation.


Embark on your dream career! We wish you all the Best.

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