If given an opportunity and provided adequate support, would you choose to become one among the crowd or opt to stand out from rest of the competition? If you would like to differentiate yourself and advance in your career, read further:

Bearing an internationally recognized professional designation from American Board of Education (ABE) will make you stand apart from the crowd. You will start reaping the benefits of ABE professional designation from the day you start learning an ABE approved program. The advantages of having an ABE certification is manifold compared to the other learning opportunities available in your locality. While it is not possible to list all of ABE’s advantages here, the following summarize the key benefits that you could expect to enjoy:


ABE is a non-profit organization. We are a public charitable organization that is designed to benefit others rather than reap financial reward. As a result, the quality of program will not be compromised in order to achieve financial gain. In fact, ABE offers one of the most affordable certification programs in the world.


ABE is an international organization lead by professionals and academicians having doctoral level qualifications with decades of experience in the education industry. As a result, students are guided and progressed through a structured and supervised educational program proven to be successful in Universities in the United States.


ABE Professional Designations are recognized internationally and carry the American Standard for Education. ABE programs are accepted by corporations and employers worldwide.


Every student that qualifies for an ABE professional designation will have a profile page on the ABE website. Students can manage their profile logging to the ABE portal and share their professional page link to future employers. Recruiters from across the globe access the student database and may contact certificate holdersdirectly with potential job opportunities.


ABE provides students with online resources for resume development, job interview preparation, career planning and professional development, all available through the secured student login.


Since ABE is a global organization with a network of students, institutes, and professionals from across the globe, anyone that is desirous exploring job opportunities or higher education in any country may seek local assistance through the ABE Global Community network. This means, the world is at your fingertips!


Finally, selected certification programs from ABE may be transferred towards higher education degree programs in participating Universities subject to their academic norms.

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