12 May , 2021

Covid-19 Impact On Education Africa

How is Covid-19 affecting Africa’s education sector? Covid-19’s has had and continues to disrupt the education industry and its ability...


3 February , 2021

Predicting The Future Of Education

What will education be like in 20 years? A professor of strategy at the Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, has...


21 November , 2020

Universities Setting Student Expectations

So, what will schooling be like this semester? Most people prefer routines, and everyone has fixed elements in their lifestyles....


9 September , 2020

Overcoming Remote Learning Limitations

The younger generation is addicted to mobile phones and electronics!! At least, that is the claim of older generations. That...


27 July , 2020

The Value Of Teaching

Teaching is a divine profession. It is a profession that can inspire to aspire one’s happiness and success. Every teacher...


21 May , 2020

What Is Education During The Pandemic

Education can be hard to define with just few words or sentences. Layer on that the complexities, anxieties, and chaos...


27 April , 2020

Current Education Trends

Change is the only constant. And the education sector is now exception. A recent article titled “5 Trends in Education...


17 March , 2020

Virtual Productivity

Working efficiently can be hard to achieve these days. Many professionals were initially taken aback about virtual work experience -...


5 March , 2020

Future of Online Universities

Is online learning the way of the future? The world is enduring a low-level crisis and increased instability due to...

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