American Board of Education (ABE) is a non-profit organization established with the State of California (USA) to evaluate and qualify educational institutions for professional development programs and certify qualified individuals.

The mission of ABE is to offer quality educational, training and research opportunities for students and professionals across the world. ABE is engaged in evaluating institutions and programs for academic standards and conformance to rigorous educational quality requirements. ABE offers assessment programs to evaluate the learner’s knowledge and credentials in their chosen field and confer certifications and professional designations if they pass the qualifying examinations set forth by ABE.

Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink. Lines from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The speaker, a sailor on a becalmed ship, is surrounded by water. Unfortunately, it is salt water that he cannot drink!
The case of our educational system is not so different. Students are surrounded by so many approved and unapproved institutions offering career-oriented programs. The vast majority of these programs do not have a uniform body that oversees and assess the course curriculum, institutional capabilities, and educational delivery mechanisms. Consequently, many students fall prey to disguised career programs, spending time and money on something that will not provide them professional advancement. Others may complete well-guided programs from better institutes but end up being abandoned half-way when it comes to embarking on their career. Unfortunately, this is the current state of most of the career-oriented training programs across the globe.

The American Board of Education (ABE) evolved to provide order to the loosely coupled education system of career-oriented programs. Our academic and industry professional contacts asked us to develop a centralized certification program for the benefit of their students and practicing professionals. Educational experts at ABE drafted guidelines, policies, procedures and standards for curriculum and instructional delivery, and defined benchmarks for program quality and student outcomes for various professional tracks including business, finance, computers, engineering, healthcare, etc.


Our certification programs test the student’s breadth and depth of knowledge in the chosen field. The reputation we have built by the years of experience, research, and industry knowledge make our certifications stand out from the crowd. Our professional designations have proven to be a benchmark of quality, knowledge, and passion in our students, which is well received by many employers and leading corporations across the globe. Professional credential from American Board of Education can provide a gateway for those with new skills to break through the entry barriers. And experienced professionals can leverage the certifications for career growth in their existing roles or to make lateral professional transitions without having to start over.

The American Board of Education (ABE) sets its students apart from the crowd by enabling the students to showcase their capabilities, institutions the means to develop and promote their students, and employers a mechanism to identify and hire talented staff that will drive their business growth.


Students can join a consortium of millions of professionals world-wide when they attain a professional credential from American Board of Education. Every ABE credentialed professional will enjoy endless opportunities to network with students, professionals, and educational institutions across the globe. Every member student will have a profile page on ABE website, which will serve as a one-stop platform for students to manage their profile, educational credentials and share with potential employers.


We have a proven mechanism to revolutionize professional development and training programs. Institutions can demonstrate quality of their educational programs and offer ABE certifications by passing our accreditation process for Registered Education Providers. Registered Institutions can leverage the course structure, content, expertise, and reputation of an international body to support the launch of their new programs. Join in hands with us today to make that educational impact in the society.


Employers can confidently hire anyone that hold a professional credential from American Board of Education. An ABE certification is the gold standard for quality as the aspirants undergo rigorous assessment process before they are credentialed. Employers can use our platform to search their prospective employees or verify a new hire’s credential. Our platform allows employers to exchange internship, and professional opportunities with the students, institutions, and organizations across the globe.

Goals to achieve for the Leadership

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